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Welcome to the MA Small Claims Wiki!

The Small Claims Advisory Service is the only organization in Massachusetts that focuses primarily on helping individuals navigate the small claims court system in the Commonwealth. Our mission is to empower socioeconomically disadvantaged people in order for them to seek legal redress effectively through the small claims system, and to protect their rights as consumers, tenants, and members of our community. Often, these individuals are unaware of their options without our help. Through telephone communication and appointments, we provide information on Massachusetts law, small claims procedure, and effective court presentations.

For more information on SCAS, please see History of SCAS.

To access the Massachusetts General Laws, see

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General Procedure Chapter 2: Collections
Chapter 3: Landlord & Tenant Law Chapter 4: Home Improvement Law
Chapter 5: Consumer Law Chapter 6: Auto Law
Chapter 7: Personal Disputes Chapter 8: Credit & Debit Law
Chapter 9: Wage Law Directory of Small Claims Courts
Statute of Limitations Referrals
Legal Research Page Online Resources for Clients